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  • Send SMS to more than 200 countries
  • Communicate instantly with individual or group
  • Cost efficient and effective messaging solution to keep in touch with everyone round the globe.

Also, studies show that

    The open rate of SMS is 98 percent compared with 22 percent for emails.

    Venture Beat

    70 percent of consumers found all types of push notifications to be valuable.


    Text messages can be 8x more effective at engaging customers.



Delivery Report

Track the delivery status

Schedule Delivery

The right message is automatically sent on right time


Various reports can be downloaded at anytime

24x7 Support Service

Assistance provided round the clock via email, Skype, phone.

Global coverage

Send SMS to any GSM network in the world

Pay as You Go

Pay for your SMS credits only. No hidden fees, no set up fees, no contract!

Individual or Group Phonebook

Store and manage database with Phonebook. No more storing in Excel!

Easily Accessible

Anytime. Anywhere.

Look for more than just 1-way SMS?

Wondering on how to enhance your business with the effectiveness of SMS messaging? We have various campaigns for you here!

Mobile Competition Campaign

- Provide a fun factor and entertaining game to increase response rates
- Single / multiple winners can be selected via winner selection tool

Mobile Survey Campaign

- Cost effective method to gather information as compared to traditional methods
- People are inclined to answer via SMS as they can respond during their spare time

Mobile Voucher Campaign

- To save on printing cost and encourage customer loyalty
- Some easy steps to instantly reward your customers


  • No set up fee
  • No monthly fee
  • No hidden charges
  • No contract
  • No commitment


White Label Reseller Programme

With MoceanSMS Reseller Programme, you can have an Bulk-SMS Website with your own branding and contact information. You can manage your client’s account anytime, anywhere as long as you have internet connections. You also have the flexibility to set your own pricing and packages.

Four types of potential incomes,

  • Registration / Setup Fee for new accounts (e.g. One-time Fee, Monthly Fee, Yearly Fee).

  • Prepaid Top-Ups for SMS Credits (“Recurring Income”).

  • SMS Broadcasting Service for Clients & Other Value-Added Services (e.g. service fee, higher per sms rate, bundle with existing products or services).

  • Resell “MoceanSMS Reseller Program” to other interested parties and get commissions.

Some of the advantages of Bulk SMS,

  • Recurring Business

  • Minimum Setup Fee

  • Minimum Overheads

  • Easily Expand to Other Geographical Market

  • Flexibility – there are many ways that you can package this service or bundle it or cross-sell it with your existing products and services

Case Studies

Hospital / Health Care / Medical

- An SMS reminder (with date and time stated) can be sent to patients about upcoming appointment
- Internal staff communication
- Inform status of medical reports for collection

Hotels / Resorts / Restaurant

- Send SMS promotions to drive business growth during low peak. For example discounted room package
- Room vouchers or rebate vouchers can also be sent via our voucher campaign
- Customers feedback can also be collected via survey campaign


- Notifications can be sent on premium renewal / new policy
- Remind customers on policy expiry date
- Birthday / seasonal greetings to show appreciation


- Purchase confirmation can be sent via SMS
- Notify latest product offerings / promotional items
- Update customers on the purchase status

Shopping Centres / Department Stores

- Rental due date reminder for tenants
- Maintenance/emergency works notification 
- Retail space for sale notification 
- Update members/customers of any ongoing sales/promotions
- Member's day sales/ exclusive promotion notification 

Travel & Tour

- Send holiday package promo/super deal
- Travel fair invitation – to inform venue, date and booth number
- Get extra discount / freebies when visit the booth
- Travel itineraries
- Flight time changes
- Alerts on delays, changes or cancellation


- A ticket number can be sent via SMS and acts as the paper ticket
- Flight crews and staff are able to receive updated information on time
- Send SMS reminder to passengers about departure time, ensuring passengers get on board on time
- An SMS notifying flight delay can be sent to all relevant passengers to avoid any interruption
- Promotional messages (such as zero air fare) can be sent to the public to increase response rate during low season


- Service reminders can be sent to remind customers that their vehicles are due for service
- Test drive invitation can be sent to potential and existing buyers to create awareness
- Free service SMS vouchers can also be given to customers to show appreciate on their loyalty to be sent at once to all related groups

Banking / Credit Card / Finance

- Payment transfer information
- Authentication and access control - Alerts on new or changed conditions, statement reminders, loan application approved/declined, balance enquiries, fraud and transaction alerts
- Application status notification
- Added security: send automate message whenever the card is used
- Due / late payment reminder
- Over credit limit alert>

Mobile App

- Send One-Time-Password (OTP) or verification code upon first activation
- Get users to download your app directly from the text received

Direct Selling / Network Marketing

- Bonus notifications can also be sent to every member of the group (up line and down line) to receive the bonus
- Group communications on seminars or new product launching can be sent at once to all related groups

Entertainment (Night Clubs, Cinemas)

- Updates of all forthcoming shows
- Booking confirmation 
- Send latest news and updates
- Send weekly / monthly promotion update

Logistic & Transportation

- Communicate with recipients in regards to the delivery time
- Update customers about real time information on delivery status
- Team members are able to get their latest information about shifts and routines

Event Management

- Notify public about any upcoming events in order to create awareness
- A gentle SMS reminder can be sent to event attendees to confirm attendance and arrangement in advance
- An immediate and accurate message can be sent to attendees in the case of changes in time and / or locations and other items of interest

Gym / Fitness Centres

- Member get member campaign SMS
- Inform members of any class changes/cancellation
- Send gym / fitness package promotion 
- Inform of new branch opening / event invitation
- Send body fitness/exercise tips
- Membership renewal notification

Higher Education / Colleges / University

- Contact students and staff in case of emergency
- Notification of results awaiting collection
- Schedule of teachers and classes
- Confirmation of enrollment
- Send exam results / change of exam times or timetables
- Alert students to any current / upcoming events
- Inform students of course payment due date

NGO / Charity / Church details

- Keep in touch with members about upcoming events, meetings, functions and other news
- Important meeting announcement can be made immediately to the key persons at the right time
- An SMS with noble words can be sent to members every day to encourage the members

Property / Real Estate

- Send notifications to potential / ready buyers or sellers on units to rent or sell
- Appointment reminders can be sent 1 day prior the house viewing

About Us

Back in 2003, we had a goal to be a premier provider for mobile messaging solutions. With a team of people with vast experience in the industry we started off our humble journey. 

The prestigious Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) award was awarded the following year proving success. We are proud to boast having clientele from large multinational corporations to single end users and it highlights our HUGE potential. By constantly finding ways to innovate ourselves we have never stopped growing and moving forward. 

We believe that every business is looking for the simplest yet effective way to reach a wider and potential target audience.

But enough about us—let’s talk about you. Have always been looking for the most cost-effective method to reach your audience? Look nowhere but SMS marketing – a channel that is mainly used by everyone that comes with immediate attention.

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