Friendly SMS API

HTTP / HTTPS API or SMPP are available for you to integrate your application with our SMS gateway.Mocean API provides direct access to Mocean's SMS Gateway through standard messaging protocols. It provides organizations, corporate IT professionals and application developers the flexibility to create customized SMS applications and messages that suit their different requirements. MoceanSMS gateway can be easily integrated into your system with our easy-to-understand API doc. It is definitely an instantaneous SMS service to any website or application and gives you the capability to deliver and receive messages via our gateway. Most importantly, MoceanSMS offers immediate and courteous help from our support team over the telephone, email, MSN and Skype.


MoceanSMS's SMPP protocol is ideal for sending large numbers of messages directly from a database or other content provider applications, The Mocean Gateway Messaging service allows you to send high volume of text messages at low cost, in real time. We support the global SMPP v 3.4 standard for connecting to our gateway.

Gateway Solutions

MoceansMS Gateway Solution is basically meant for those that are interested to take your bulk SMS business to higher level and have more control over your bulk SMS business. With MoceanSMS Gateway Solution, you can connect to any vendor of your choice (for best pricing & quality), set your package and pricing, recruit unlimited resellers/agents, expand your business worldwide and etc. MoceanSMS Gateway Solution is actually a total package for you to start your bulk SMS business. We basically provide all the software and hardware that you need to run this business. Our technical support team will be there 24x7 to take care of your system and handle your technical related issues, so that you don’t have to worry about the technical side and just focus on selling / marketing.

SS7 / Telco Solutions

Micro Ocean provides solutions for various mobile related VAS (Value-Added-Services) and customized software development, implementation, commissioning, operations support, consulting and turnkey provisioning of telecommunications solutions for domestic and overseas customers. We also have extensive knowledge and experience in SS7 network, especially MAP (Mobile Application Part) and TCAP (Transaction Capability Application Part), which is still an integral part of GSM 2G, 2.5G and even 3G networks. Following are some of the solutions that we can provide:

  • i) SMS Gateway
  • ii) Customized USSD Gateway & Applications
  • iii) Equipment Identity Register (EIR), SMS Firewall, etc.
  • iv) Mobile Positioning Solutions - Mobile Positioning Gateways, LBS, etc.
  • v) Mobile Technology Consultancy - Messaging, etc.

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