Link tracking features

How can it help your business?

It provides realtime feedbacks!

With Mocean Tracking - mobile SMS marketing tracker, we can accurately track down each and every mobile number's link open-rate in realtime. Also, with our special Contact Analytic Tools, you can easily weed out non-responsive mobile numbers to further maximize your cost efficiency. Addition of this link click tracker in SMS will prove to be beneficial for you and your customer.

Unique SMS link tracker for every mobile recipient

As our aim is to provide you with very precise and valuable feedback of SMS URL tracking campaign, be it 10,000 numbers or 100,000 numbers, a unique link will be generated for each of them for better tracking link in SMS.

Benefits of Mocean SMS URL Tracking


Demonstration shorten URL Tracking Link tracking insert mobile Receive link tracking in Mobile

SMS URL tracking

Install link click tracker in SMS to track individual recipient's attentiveness to your campaign.

Import from Document

Allows you to send a huge list of contacts effortlessly!

Keyword Subscription

SMS URL tracking manage your subscribers within your phonebook!

SMS to Tracking Link URL

Detailed Report

We provide daily updated campaign performance and analytic reports.

Shorten link

We automatically shorten the link to save your effort, time and money!

Instant Feedback

Instant updates to evaluate the performance of campaign i.e., who have exactly clicked, how many times has the site been visited!

Advanced Charting

Top quality HTML5 charting & interactive design to help you analyze your daily, weekly and monthly SMS URL Tracking campaigns for revenue maximization.


About Us

Back in 2003, we had a goal to be a premier provider for mobile messaging solutions like tracking links in SMS. With a team of people with vast experience in the industry we started off with Mocean SMS link tracker.

The prestigious Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) award was awarded the following year proving success. We are proud to boast having clientele from large multinational corporations to single end users and it highlights our HUGE potential. By constantly finding ways to innovate ourselves we have never stopped growing and moving forward.

We believe that every business is looking for the simplest yet effective SMS link tracker to reach a wider and potential target audience.

But enough about us—let's talk about you. Have always been looking for the most cost-effective method to reach your audience? Look nowhere but mobile SMS marketing tracker — a channel that is mainly used by everyone that comes with immediate attention.

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